Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mad About Mesh!

 Today I have an all Mesh outfit on! I just love the detailed textures of all 3 items and the fit is perfect.....a medium has worked for me in most of the mesh clothing I've tried, although the jacket here is one size only.

The Details:
  • Hair: TRUTH- Alexis w/roots in walnut
  • Jacket: *chronokit*- Motorcycle Jacket in camel [fabric] MESH
  • Pants: Maitreya- Leather Legging (size M) in black MESH
  • Shoes: Mstyle- GOSHI Pumps in Gamboge Panther
  • 1st Pose: PURPLEPose448
  • 2nd Pose: PURPLEPose388
  • 3rd Pose (last 2 pic's): LAP- Hairy Situations- Drip Dry
  • Location: Tableau

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mad about Shopping!

Any day spent shopping is a good day! I hit Maitreya today and got some very cute things, like this sassy polka dot pencil skirt (mesh) and racer back tank. I love the little detail from Maitreya when you buy something......you get a shopping bag with a holding animation (second picture) very nice touch!

The Details:
  • Hair: Wasabi Pills- Kamiko in Black Coffee (Browns Pack) MESH
  • Necklace: NHA!- Litsy
  • Top: Maitreya- RB Tank in Magnolia
  • Skirt: Maitreya- Anais Skirt in Polka-Rose MESH
  • Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps in Nude

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pink In The Afternoon

The Details:
  • Hair: !lamb-"Lost" in Kit Kat (chocolate bars pack)
  • Necklace: DDL- For God's Sake! in bright silver
  • Tops: paper.doll- "Lea" in black and Gawk!- Black Half Covered Top (sheer)
  • Skirt: Spirit Store- "Inga" long mesh skirt in pink
  • Shoes: LeLutka- Pow Pumps in black

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Every bunny needs a friend

This little guy is rotten to the core........spoiled rotten that is ;) How could you not love that little face. Once your wearing him touch him for a funny surprise!
There is also a large version of this bunny that you can hold in your arms.

The Details:
  • Bunny: Ragdoll's cut- Lost Rotten Bunny (worn on right shoulder)
  • Hair: TRUTH- "Cate" in honey (bands are color change)
  • Top: Maitreya- Athena Sweater in Moss (mesh)

Let there be Brights!

I am a big lover of neutral/muted colors which you may have noticed if you've seen any of my other posts, but I DO love some color too! I love the bright pops of color in the tank dress my avi has on here. I would never wear this tank dress alone because it's so short I'm not sure how it can even be called a dress ;). The detailing on the jeans is awesome and how about those spiked heels? Too cool and fun!
The hair was slightly problematic. While I like the sleek look of it and it photographed pretty well, it does have a tendency to sink into my body.

 The Details:
  • Hair: !lamb- Addict in Twix (Chocolate Bars pack)
  • Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer- Black Pearl- necklace and x2 strand bracelet. DDL For Gods Sake! cross necklace in bright silver
  • Top: Aura- Inked Mini in Vintage
  • Jeans: mon tissu- Lou Lou in Used
  • Shoes: N-core- COQUETTE Spikes in black
  • Pose: IZUMIYA- SS PoseF28

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trousers with flair!

Here is a look I think of as elegant casual. How cute are these trousers from celoe? Such great detailing. Once again I am super impressed with a mesh product. I've read about people either loving mesh or hating it, but what's to hate? Some larger avatars may have fitting issues, but I think as time goes on and mesh becomes the norm we'll see a bigger size range. If you haven't done it already you should definitely give some mesh items a try!

The Details:
  • Hair: Magika- Aina (brown pack)
  • Top: JANE- Button Flower Vest in Navy
  • Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer- Black Pearl necklace and x2 strand bracelet
  • Pants: celoe- lolong trousers in tapa (size M) MESH
  • Shoes: Mstyle- GOSHI pumps in Nude

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baggy Chic

I was cruising around the Market Place over the weekend and I came upon these baggy pants I am wearing in today's post and I just love them! Baggy pants may not be everyone's cup of tea and I've never found any that I really thought looked decent until I found these! They're mesh of course which I think is the reason they work so well. Of course they can be your around the house,comfy hanging out pants lol, but I really like them here dressed up with a cute top,jewelry and sky high heels.

The Details:
  • Hair: TRUTH-Alexis w/roots in Honey
  • Jewelry: League- Wanderer Jewelry set-3 disc necklace,4 strand bracelet and earrings. Long necklace is DDL-For God's Sake! in Bright Silver
  • Top: EVALE-Chrissy in Brown
  • Pants: SPIRIT mesh- Show Pants (M) cell bw
  • Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI pumps in Salmon
  • Poses: Olive Juice- They Like Me!, Pose like a BOSS (head shot) and Weezey Leans on Walls (shoe shot)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Casual Saturday

More fun with mesh today with this cute striped halter dress that I decided to pair with some cropped jeans and fabulous heels! Loving this sexy tousled hair too, it's very nicely done. Have a great saturday everyone!

The Details:
  • Hair: TRUTH-Clara in Toffee (light browns pack)
  • Skin: LAQ-Lovisa [Peach] 02
  • Eyebrows: LAQ-Alva Eyebrows [Peach] Alva Blonde
  • Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes in Pale Eggplant
  • Dimples: L.Fauna 2.0 Tattoo [Dimples] Pale
  • Halter Dress: Torn Difference-Anna_Pink (rigged Mesh)
  • Jewelry: DDL-For God's Sake! (2) Bright Silver
  • Jeans: -=Pink Inc=- Wide Pocket Capri Jeans in Dark Blue
  • Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps in Nude

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby it's cold outside

The Details:
  • Hair: Wasabi Pills-Brrree Mesh hair in Pancake
  • Skin: LAQ- Lovisa Peach 02
  • Eyebrows: LAQ- Alva Eyebrows [Peach] Blonde
  • Eyes: Fashism- Sunrise Eyes in Pale Eggplant
  • Jewelry: Faux Posh- Diamond Nose Stud-diamond

Monday, January 16, 2012

A walk down memory lane or...... did I really used to look like that??

I ran across my very first picture from SL when I was cleaning out my inventory today and after I stopped laughing (20 minutes later) I thought it would be fun to post it just to show what a difference a good skin and good hair (and two years) can make!!

This is my avie in January 2010, 2 days after I joined SL

This is my avie in January 2012, 2 years later!

Ahhh the newbie days, there was so MUCH to learn..skins, hair, how the hell do I get this box off of me?? AO, what the heck is an AO? Oh you mean this shoe clicking sound is annoying? Why does my avie look like she's typing? Why are my feet sticking out of my shoes? No...... I do not want to have sex naked man who I've never met or talked to before, but gee thanks for asking. I could go on and on as I'm sure everyone can! It's been a fun 2 years of shopping.....searching for new stores and designers, dancing, drama dodging (sometimes not dodging well enough) and generally exploring the wonder that is Second Life. Now I'm adding blogging to my adventure and I'm looking forward to seeing how this blog will evolve and (hopefully) get better! If I'm lucky I won't be looking back at my first posts a year or two from now and laughing for 20 minutes ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Outfit #3

Sleek n chic. Love this Short Trench coat from Maitreya! But I did have a bit of difficulty fitting the collar, there is a small gap in the back (nicely covered by the hair) Maybe I could have done something more, but I didn't want to mess with it too much when the rest of it looked so gorgeous! I love this hair from CaTwA also, but I wonder if there was something I could have done to make my forehead less prominent aside from photo shop etc? I'm sure there are fitting tips and tricks that I have no clue about so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

The Details:
  • Hair: CaTwA- Amylee hairstyle in SunKissed Brown (light brown pack)
  • Jacket: Maitreya Short Trench Jacket in Chamoisee
  • Pants: Fishy Strawberry Moto Pants in Hunter
  • Shoes: LeLutka Pow Pumps in black
  • Pose: Long Awkward Pose- Hairy Situations-Slow

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Outfit #2

Cute and easy, perfect for lunch and shopping!

The Details:
  • Hair: LeLutka-RYKIEL in Toast (light brunette pack)
  • Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Necklace-Pink Pearl-DT-Short+Long-Gold (Mesh)
  • Dress: JANE Tunic dress.Chilly in Charcoal ( size "fair") *this dress is mesh so try before you buy!
  • Stockings: LeeZu Baxter-Anna Stockings in Anna14 Spring
  • Shoes: INDI Designs-Lombardi Booties in black

Outfit #1

I wanted to show the full outfit that was hinted at in my first two posts. I love this look, I think it's fun and sexy without being too revealing. The cardigan is super cute with a choice of black or brown belt. My avi is wearing it as is, but it can easily be toned down a bit more by wearing a tank top under it if you don't want to show that much cleavage! This cardy is mesh, so it's best to try before you buy because you can't alter it and of course you'll need a mesh enabled viewer to see it (viewers 2,3 and Firestorm that I know of, there are probably more)!

The Details:

  • Hair: !lamb, Frenchie, in Butterfinger (chocolate bars pack)
  • Top: Fishy Strawberry Impromptu cardigan in Nude (MESH)
  • Jewelry: lassitude & ennui Oreb earrings and necklace (unisex)
  • Bottoms: {mon tissu} Shorts-Minx in black
  • Stockings: Sassy Kitty Designs, Sassy Tattered Stockings in grey
  • Shoes: INDI Designs, Lombardi Booties in black

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing, the very first......Hair so Fair post!

The "Hair so Fair" post is a post highlighting my favorite hair of the moment (look for many of these posts lol).......gorgeous tresses that cannot be ignored! Feel free to post your hairs so fair in the comments below!

 The fabulous hair above: !lamb.Frenchie, Chocolate Bars Pack in Butterfinger
Oh oh oh here we go! Another Second Life fashion blog you say? Yes! I'm absolutely addicted to SL fashions and shopping and putting outfits together...............hideous or chic you can decide for yourself, but I'll love it either way :). In SL I can afford a vast (for me) wardrobe....In SL I can wear some things that I might never attempt to wear in RL. In SL  I can wear 6 inch heels 24/7/365 if I desire, RL? Give me 2 hours and I'm ready to chop my feet off lol.
I love the other SL life fashions blogs I've found and love finding new ones, checking out other peoples tastes and seeing how they put things together. So, I'm hoping there's room for one more take on the fashion and fun in Second Life! My photography might not be quite up to par with some of the other blogs I've seen and admire, but I love learning new things and look forward to getting better! Any tips would be awesome too!!

Hair: !Lamb: Lost in Twix
Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling Misty Eyes
Eye Make-up: cheLLe Smoke Basics in Leaves (tattoo layer)
Skin : LAQ ~ Lovisa, Peach 02
Jewelry: Lassitude & Ennui Oreb sculpted unisex earrings and necklace
Top: Fishy Strawberry Impromptu Cardigan in Nude (mesh)