Monday, January 16, 2012

A walk down memory lane or...... did I really used to look like that??

I ran across my very first picture from SL when I was cleaning out my inventory today and after I stopped laughing (20 minutes later) I thought it would be fun to post it just to show what a difference a good skin and good hair (and two years) can make!!

This is my avie in January 2010, 2 days after I joined SL

This is my avie in January 2012, 2 years later!

Ahhh the newbie days, there was so MUCH to learn..skins, hair, how the hell do I get this box off of me?? AO, what the heck is an AO? Oh you mean this shoe clicking sound is annoying? Why does my avie look like she's typing? Why are my feet sticking out of my shoes? No...... I do not want to have sex naked man who I've never met or talked to before, but gee thanks for asking. I could go on and on as I'm sure everyone can! It's been a fun 2 years of shopping.....searching for new stores and designers, dancing, drama dodging (sometimes not dodging well enough) and generally exploring the wonder that is Second Life. Now I'm adding blogging to my adventure and I'm looking forward to seeing how this blog will evolve and (hopefully) get better! If I'm lucky I won't be looking back at my first posts a year or two from now and laughing for 20 minutes ;)


  1. LOL! I love the description of being new... yet somehow a few of those still happen to me occasionally.... oh well, the hazards of SL hehe.

    Adding you to my blog roll! Come check me out xD


    1. Thanks for adding me :) I checked out you blog...very cool! Added you to my blog roll as well!