Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stems up to there....

Here's a lean, leggy look and a scarf I love.........although when I got the scarf it was completely,literally sideways for some reason. I had to mess with it to get it in the right place. It might have been conflicting mesh items (probably) but it's so cute it was worth moving around. I think all items should have this "edit" ability. I've bought super cute necklaces before that just float too far above my neck and I can't move them down so I scrap them. Maybe I'm missing something and I could have done something to fit them better? (if so please let me know!)?? I'm a bit anal about fit at times, but I try to reign it in because I know SL isn't perfect : D

The Details:
  • Hair: booN- TUN247 in chestnut w/ nooN- gathered mid hairbase in chestnut (all colors pack)
  • Eyeliner: MONS- Eyeliner Long in black
  • Earrings: Collet- Earring Big Resize Gold
  • Necklace: Maxi Gossamer- Black Tahitian Pearl-single strand necklace
  • Scarf: Apple May Designs- Boho Scarf- Autumn
  • Shirt: Schadenfreude- White Oxford Shirt
  • Shorts: mon tissu- Ginger-Plain Distressed
  • Shoes: Mstyle- GOSHI Pumps in black


  1. Am loving your blog! Now all you need is a little picture in your profile thingie :D

  2. About the necklaces, you know you can just right click them and choose edit, right? That will give you 3 different colored arrows you can use to move them up and down and also front to back and sideways. Also, you can hold down Ctrl while in edit mode to give you the rotation options. Necklaces almost are never in the right place, cause body shapes are so varied, the same with hairs. Hope this helps!! (I also use these techniques for skirts) :)

  3. Thanks for the comments Charolotte and the advice! I could have sworn that there are some necklaces that I've right clicked on and the edit part stays greyed out, I'll have to double check!

  4. You're welcome! They shouldn't be greyed out, even if they are no mod, everything that belongs to you can be moved.