Monday, February 6, 2012

Urban Jungle

All right! I've got my shit kickers on ;)  Deco was one of my ZombiePopcorn Hunt destinations and while I was searching around for that little striped popcorn bag, I was checking out the boots! I love hiking boot/combat boots with shorts and I saw these and thought gotta get 'em. These are not delicate boots ladies! When I first put them on I was like "Damn, these are large" and then I tried on the male version (they come with both M/F) and that was pretty comical. I actually really love them and have gotten used to the size, I think they surprised me at first because I've been wearing heels,heels,heels on my delicate size 0 feet lol. They are mesh so what you see is what you get size wise, but they are nicely detailed and a fun break from dainty!

The Details:
  • Hair: TRUTH- Alexis in fudge (light browns pack)
  • Earrings: Vextra Messing Design Inc- Triple Loop Earrings
  • Hoodie: A&M- Street Hoodie, Orange (female)
  • Shorts: mon tissu- Ginger-Plain distressed
  • Socks: Izzies- Overknee socks in orange
  • Boots: DECO- Combat Boots ( f ) canvas desert

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