Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eye Candy

I found some cute tattoo layer eye make-up on the MarketPlace last night. Here we have blue, purple, green and silver. I love the color added to the inside corners of the eye. There are also lipsticks included in this make-up pack, but you have the option to wear them separately which is nice (I have not worn any of them in these pictures.)
I'm not sure why, but three of the pic's seem very slightly blurry to me. Sorry about that, but I think you can still see the make-up decently enough!
I've been going kind of nuts with the tattoo layers. In these pictures I'm maxed out : eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, teeth and dimples! I think we need to have more than 5 tattoo layers available ;)
Enjoy your Saturday!

The Details:
  • Hair: TRUTH- Tasmine in carob (light browns pack)
  • Eyebrows: LAQ- [Peach] Alva Blonde
  • Eyeshadow: R.icielli- Night Makeups (all colors included)
  • Eyeliner: MONS- Eyeliner Long in black
  • Dimples: L.Fauna- Dimples [Pale]
  • Teeth: Glamorize- Just Teeth 03


  1. Gorgeous, agreed, we need more layers! lol

    I like to wear two lashes, eyeliner, freckles and eyebrow make up, that leaves no room for lipstick or blush!

    1. I know! I'd say at least 10 tattoo layers would be better!