Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I love horses. I have had the honor and privledge of owning four horses in my life and although I was not able to give any of them "forever" homes, I cherish the time I had with them.
My first was Oly, a Welsh/Shetland cross that my parents bought for me when I was 11, he was my world and I had him for two years.
My second was Repeat A Scooter or "Pete", a sorrel Quarter Horse gelding and then Savannah, a bay Mustang yearling filly that I adopted from the Bureau of Land Management about 6 months after I got Pete. I had them both for 5 years and they taught me so much! 
Finally I had MV Pokey Hontus or  "Lily", a red dun Quarter horse mare for 3 years, who loves carrots with a passion that probably can't be duplicated lol.
I hope to have more horses some day and some property so I'll  never have to sell them. But until then, it's so cool to find things like this on SL!

The Details:
  • Horse: Captivity Co.- Horse Love MESH - Poses 2 and 4
  • Background: PNP- Dreamland 31