Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hope I'm not blinding anyone here with my background or my pants! I just love these wild and fun pants that I found at Culture Shock 2012 (going on now!)
Culture Shock has a lot of great stuff!! When I decided to go yesterday I thought it was going to be lag city, which greatly reduces the pleasure of a shopping trip, but the organizers are doing an awesome job of keeping lag to a minimum! Just an FYI, when you TP in your restricted to a certain area and cannot continue to the shops unless your script count is 72 or less I believe (it was 70 something I know, I might not have the number exactly spot on)

The Details:
  • Hair: TRUTH- Maggie in caramel
  • Choker: Aurora Fairplay- Pink Rose Tie prim necklace
  • Tank: Maitreya- RB Tank in Magnolia
  • Pants: *TuttiFrutti*- Spring Fever Mesh Pants
  • Shoes: Mstyle- Goshi Pumps in nude
  • Pose: PNP Runway- Model 36

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